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Please join us for our wedding celebration on April 29, 2017

Welcome to our site!

We are so excited to start our forever together, and can't wait to celebrate with our closest family and friends! When we started envisioning our dream wedding, we quickly agreed on a getaway lake weekend to extend the festivities over a few days, and give our guests a setup that will allow everyone to relax, enjoy the beautiful views, and take advantage of the amazing lake accommodations. We plan to kick off the weekend on Thursday with a boat day, and keep the fun going through brunch on Sunday. We would love for as many of you as possible to come hang out with us from start to finish, but also understand that you may have other obligations, so please feel free to come for as much of the fun (or as little...) as you're able. :) We'll use this website to share the latest updates, pictures, and travel details, and will continue to add more information as we have it. Looking forward to seeing y'all soon!